Proofreading DNA polymerases and genomic DNA

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 My post PCR manipulations are extremely sensitive of Taq errors - so I 
 need a DNA polymerase that has a higher fidelity than Taq. 
 I have tried different enzymes from different vendors: UlTma from Perkin 
 Elmer, Vent from NEB, Pfu from Stratagene and Pwo from Boehringer. 
T brockianus is available as PrimeZyme from Biometra.  It has higher thermal
stability than Taq  50% activity remains after 2 hours at 96 deg C.  And it
has about half the error rate of Taq.  In the US you can reach them at
biometra at  For your country, you could search by alta vista or....l

Walt Schick

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