PCR Machines - Suggestions?

Brian A. Flannigan baf2 at cornell.edu
Mon Jul 29 11:51:33 EST 1996

In article <4tb7e4$qlq at newz.oit.unc.edu>, jpweintr at email.unc.edu says...
>We are interested in replacing our PCR machine.  Is there anyone out 
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>Jory Weintraub
>Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology
>UNC Chapel Hill
Hi Jory,

Bought a Amplitron II from Barnstead/Thermolyne a few months ago (.2ml 
tubes) and have been very happy with its performance.  Lots of program 
memory, easily programmed and best of all (IMHO) is that it uses a 
compressor for cooling, I've been told that the rapid temp changes 
associated with PCR ruin the peltier chips in about 3-5 yrs.  Price was also 
very competitive (about $3K, under state contract).
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