Tetracycline inducible system

Graham Atherton grggta at picr.cr.man.ac.uk
Tue Jul 30 01:08:47 EST 1996

Eric Rheaume wrote:

Subj:	Looking for H. Bujard's Tet system plasmids: pBI-4 ...

I am trying to get vectors pUHD 15-1 neo, pUHD 172-1 neo, pUHG 17-1, 
and pBI-4. These vectors are used for Tet-repressed or modified 
Tet-induced expression in eukaryotes and were produced by Dr. Hermann
Bujard's lab. In the past, Dr. Bujard used to send them directly to
other labs (some 10000 shippments apparently) but not any more since
Clontech now distribute some of Dr. Bujard's vectors. Unfortunately,
not all vectors are distibuted by Clontech. We are mostly interested
to get pBI-4. So if somebody have one or more of the above indicated
vectors, please email me so that I can give you our FedEx number
account for shipping at our costs.

Many Thanks!!!

Eric Rheaume
Lab of Immunology
110, West Pine Avenue
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H2W 1R7

I am looking for the same construct - please let me know of a source for this
(pBI-4) too!!

G Atherton
grggta at picr.cr.man.ac.uk

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