condensation when pouring agarose plates

Trevor Bezdek trevor at
Sat Jun 1 02:08:03 EST 1996

  I was pouring agarose plates the other day in stacks of three and
noticed that the bottom one had no condensation, the middle one had some
and the top one had a huge amount.  Somebody else in the lab was also
pouring them that day in stacks of five and noticed the same pattern of
gradually increasing condensation higher in the stack.  The assumption was
that this was due to the cold air on top causing condensation.  Is this
the correct reason?  Also, has anyone tried heating up metal disks or
something of the sort until just below the melting point of the plastic
plates and placing them on top of the plates to simulate the warm upper
plates?  Or, is there a more efficient means to pour plates to avoid the
condensation all together, without taking extra time?

Just wondering...


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