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In article <31ADCCBC.480B at>, takahiko.ito at says...
>Does anyone know a source for the mouse cell line which can 
>support the replication of transfected plasmid like COS 
>cells? I tried "MOP8" cells but expression level is not as 
>good as COS-7 cells. Has anybody tried these cells and had a 

Does it have to be a mouse line?  I assume that by "like COS
cells" you mean that the line would support episomal replication
as COS cells do with SV40-based plasmids.  The only equivalent
system I have heard is for human cells and involves transforming
them with an expression vector for EBNA.  The resulting cells
then allow replication of EBV-based plasmids.  I think Clontech
sell a pair of such plasmids.  Yes, they have pCMV-EBNA and
pDR2.  Maybe there is an equivalent for mouse cells?
	A quick online search of the ATCC catalogues ("SV40 and
mouse") reveals several lines made by transformation of mouse
cells with the virus.  Maybe one of these will support plasmid
replication.  On the downside they also seem to require more
careful handling than most cell lines.
	I hope that this is of some help,

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