MJ thermal cycler problems

Tay Hou Ngee Agnes mcbtayhn at leonis.nus.sg
Sun Jun 2 20:54:24 EST 1996

I have owned an MJPTC200 thermal cycler for 6 months and have gone 
through 4 alpha blocks. Each replacement block lasts a month or so before 
drifting as much as 3C or having sensor failure. The latest replacement 
did not even make it to me as our local service engineer tried testing it 
before sending it on to me and it failed the tests.
I know of at least 2 others from 2 different countries with the same 
problems with MJ machines. Not sure what's happening because the 
PTC-100's used to work well. The PTC-200 is a great disappointment 
and MJ has been very slow to respond to our complaints.

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