Quantify DNA

I-ching Yu iyu at STUDENTS.UIUC.EDU
Mon Jun 3 17:38:20 EST 1996

Hello, I am posting a question for a friend.

My project is to look at the apoptosis or programmed cell death in the
chicken ovary. One of the biochemical hallmark for apoptosis is the
fragmentation of genomic DNA. Once the cells are destined to undergo
apoptosis, a specific DNase which makes cut in between nucleosomes will
be activated. If you run the isolated DNA from the apoptotic cells on an
EB agrose gel, you will get a laddering pattern which the space between the
bands is about the size of a nucleosome (160-200bp). In order to compare
the degree of apoptosis among different treatment groups, I need to use
the densitometry to quantify the level of DNA laddering.

Unfortunately, there is no densitometry available in our building.
Another problem is that I am not sure if densitometry can read
black-white picture or a ethidium bromide gel.

It will be highly appreciated if you can give me some info about it.

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