Vancomycin resistance

Richard Moldwin rmoldwin at
Mon Jun 3 07:07:47 EST 1996

Johan Burger wrote:
> Can someone please help:
> The neomycin-phospho-transferase (NPT II) gene confers resistance to Kanamycin
> and Neomycin.  Does it also confers resistance to Vancomycin??  If not,
> which gene does?
> Thanks
> Johan Burger

Neomycin, Kanamycin, and G418 are all aminoglycoside 
antibiotics.  The Neo(R) gene confers resistance to the 
whole class.  Vancomycin is a complex glycopeptide 
antibiotic unrelated to the aminoglycosides.  Since those 
of us who worry about antibiotic resistance view Vanco as 
the last line we have against a growing list of pathogenic 
organisms, I would suggest that you avoid using any kind 
of Vanco-resistance selection system.  A discussion with a 
clinical microbiologist or Infectious disease specialist 
might be useful.  

Why do you want to use Vanco anyway?


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