expressing truncated proteins

Paul Digard pd1 at
Mon Jun 3 13:57:41 EST 1996

Richard Waring wrote:
> We need to express truncated versions of an already small protein (137aa)
> In E. coli and have read that it is better to fuse them to another protein
> like DHFR.
> Does anyone know of any references or have any experience in trying this?

Thioredoxin fusions are meant to be good for this purpose.  The 
reference I have is LaValle et al, Biotechnology 11, p187-193. I'm 
pretty sure the plasmids are commercially available.  The address on 
the paper is Genetics Institute, 87 Cambridge Park Drive, Cambridge, 
MA 02140.

I've never tried the system myself, and I should think it's probably 
much like every other Ecoli expression system; pot luck for 
eukaryotic proteins!


Paul Digard

Division of Virology
Department of Pathology
University of Cambridge

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