Nuclear translocation. How fast does it happen?

mmgosink at mmgosink at
Mon Jun 3 14:49:36 EST 1996

Dear Netters:

     Does anyone know how fast protein translocation occurs in a
cell. I just need an approximate value i.e. seconds, minutes, or
hours... (I am primarily interested in translocation of a nuclear
protein injected into the cytoplasm of frog oocytes.)

    I am co-injecting two proteins into the cytoplasm of a frog
oocytes. They must interact for a period of time in order for me
to see my expected phenotype. However, one of the pair contains
what looks like a nuclear localization domain in addition a
homolog of my protein IS nuclearly localized. I would like to know
if localization occurs at such a high rate, that if my protein is
translocated, would I ever see the expected phenotype.

Thanks in advance,


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