Tisha tfurukaw at
Tue Jun 4 02:57:26 EST 1996

I am hoping that there is someone that can point me in the right 
direction to finding the answers to the following questions:

How might I go about substituting 32P-labelled adenine for cold adenine 
in a dsDNA?

Gene X is purified as a cDNA.  How, other than PCR, can I get enough of 
it to sequence, translate in vitro, etc...?

Sea urchins secrete a protease similar to chymotrypsin, which is involved 
in hatching the blastula from its fertilization envelope.  If an antibody 
to bovine chymotrypsin turns out to stop hatching, how could I use it to 
clone the gene for the sea urchin enzyme?

Thank you in advance for anyone who might be able to point me in the 
direction to find the correct answers to these questions.

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