Help about computers applied to Biology

J. Ibave jibave at UACHIH.UACHNET.MX
Tue Jun 4 15:51:47 EST 1996

Hello, I'm working on developing an algorithim to determine the DNA 
sequence of a natural polypeptide based on a polypeptide which has suffered
a mutation. I'm analyzing this kind of situations and can't figure out an
efficient method to determine which was the mutation. (insertion, deletion
or a change of nucleotides).
If you are working on something similar, I will appreciate your help.
              Thanks a lot.
                                  Luis Arturo Medrano Soto

Dr. Jose L. Ibave
Facultad de Ciencias Agrotecnologicas
P.O. Box 24
University of Chihuahua
Chihuahua, Chih. Mexico 31000
tel. (voice) 0152+14+146615
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