Cell cycle analysis by FACS

KELLY THOME kmorris1 at opal.tufts.edu
Tue Jun 4 15:49:56 EST 1996

I've done cell cycle analysis on a FACS before, but always with fresh cells. 
Now I'm setting up a time course (block HeLa cells with nocodazole 24 hours,
release, 4 hour timepoints) and along with RNA and protein isolation I want to
do cell cycle analysis.  How do I prepare/store the cells at each time point so
that I can do the analysis at a later time?  This is sort of a last-minute
addition to this experiment and I won't be able to get FACS time for at least a
week or two (I hate crowded machines :-).  Do I just freeze the cell pellet? 
If someone has experience with this sort of thing, I'd appreciate a protocol 
or some suggestions.  Thank you very much!

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