Anacystis nidulans vs antibiotics (fwd)

Edgar Valencia edgar at
Tue Jun 4 19:50:26 EST 1996

>Dear All,
>              I would like to obtain references or informations regarding
>the use of antibiotics in a continuous culture of the cyanobacteria
>Anacystis nidulans (also called Synechococcus leopoliensis). 

Hi Dr. Louis:
The only Synechoccocus i've heard of is the strain PCC 7942. 
The papers said it could be cultured with plasmids with resistance to 
kanamycin using 10 ug/ml of this antibiotic or ampicillin 1 ug/ml. I have no 
references about its natural resistance.
I also have references of strains of Anabaena, again 
with plasmids or cassettes which give them resistance to
Neomicyn 25 mg/ml
Chloramphenicol 10 ug/ml
Erythromycin 5 ug/ml
Spectinomicyn and/or streptomicyn 2 ug/ml solid medium or 1 ug/ml in 
liquid culture
I hope this helps

                    Edgar Valencia Morales

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