DNA Sequencers

Dr. Peter Gegenheimer pgegen at kuhub.cc.ukans.edu
Tue Jun 4 16:02:02 EST 1996

In <31AD920B.10F0 at vims.edu>, Nancy Stokes <stokes at vims.edu> writes:
>We are planning on purchasing an automated sequencer and have narrowed 
>our choices down to the ALF Express (Pharmacia) and the 4000LS 
>LongReadIR (LiCor). We would greatly appreciate comments, positive and 
>negative, from anyone who has used either of these.

Our core facility has has excellent results with the Li-Cor instrument. I was _quite_ surprised when the sequencer read 700 bases on its first run, the day it was set up!! I should say that the infrared technology Li-Cor uses is vastly superior to ABI or Pharmacia, and will last longer. The Li-Cor also gives our core lab about 600 - 800 bases per run -- 600 with mediocre DNA, 800+ with clean DNA. Our record is about 1100 bases.  In-house, I know Li-COr reads 1200 bases routinely, but you need really clean 
DNA to get that "in the field". On the whole, I doubt Li-Cor can be beat for long and accurate reads. For maximum through-put, ABI seems now to be the leader, since they can run all 4 terminator reactions in one lane.

Hope this helps.

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