Freezer Storage of Cosmid Library in Microtiter Plates

Michael R. King king1 at
Tue Jun 4 11:14:46 EST 1996

I am wanting to keep my unamplified cosmid library as individual clones
rather than grouping them as a whole.  I want to put each clone in a
microtiter well for long term freezer storage, that way I can use our 96
well prong to put individual colonies on plates, hyb filters and other
microtiter plates.  Does anyone know how to store them?  I would like to
grow them up in the microtiter plates and then put them in the freezer.  At
the moment I am growing some of the clones in a tube either in DMSO or
Glycerol to simulate what I would like to do with the microtiter plate
(Grow up directly in LB with glycerol or DMSO and put the plate directly
into the freezer, that way I don't have to go back and add the
glycerol/DMSO to each microtiter well after it has grown up in the LB).  Is
any of this feasible? Or is there a better way?

Michael R. King
king1 at

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