Help: MORPH and Stratagene mutagenesis kits

A.S. Sohal u9310871 at MUSS.CIS.MCMASTER.CA
Tue Jun 4 08:38:38 EST 1996

Hi! My name is Avtar and I have been experimenting with some new 
site-directed mutagenesis kits.  In particular, I have been working with 
the MORPH single-primer site-directed mutagenesis kit and the Chameleon 
site-directed mutagenesis kit from Stratagene.  I was wondering if anyone 
has had any success with these kits.  I am having trouble isolating my 
treated plasmid from the mut S cells after transformation.  The cells 
grow in LB-amp so the transformation to gain amp resistance must have 
been successful.  However, attempting to isolate the plasmid by means of 
a alkaline lysis mini-prep has been unsuccessful in producing any DNA.  I 
hope someone can save me.



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