HELP! IBM-compatible Plasmid Package?

Dr A.H.M. Van Vliet AVV2 at
Wed Jun 5 13:56:07 EST 1996

dunnsm at (Steve) wrote:
>Anybody out there know who sells a PC/Windows compatible plasmid
>construction package?  I can only find MAC versions! Don't need anything
>too fancy/expensive - just a basic cloning aid that gives publication
>quality output.

Hi Steve,

You might consider Clone Manager. Although the version I have is old and "low-tech" DOS, I 
think there is a (maybe expensive) Windows version of it. It is more a program for managing 
sequences and drawing plasmid maps from it, but there is a program called Enhance which can 
modify and enhance (what's in a name) the clone manager pictures.
One problem: I don't know who sells it.


avv2 at

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