Bal 31 information

c670769 at c670769 at
Wed Jun 5 13:53:20 EST 1996

I am currently trying to digest the ends of DNA with Bal 31 to get rid 
of the telomeres as they are interfering with my PCR results.  However 
I've noticed that sometimes my very first aliquot after only five 
minutes of digestion has a change in what I see in my PCR product.  
The idea of the primer attachment site to be on the very end is 
virtually out of the question, so the next problem could be the 
endonuclease activity of Bal 31.  This could become a big problem.  So 
my question is, has anyone used Bal 31 and been able to combat the 
endonuclease activity successfully?

Thanks in advance,


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