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Josh Goldstein josh at panda.uchc.edu
Wed Jun 5 10:22:16 EST 1996

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> Dear David:
> I was interested in your recent response on Methods and Reagents. I make 
> a lot of plasmid constructs and use MacVector a fair bit to help with 
> this. I'm wondering if GCK is different/better and worth buying.  Thanks 
> for any insights!

   We use both MacVector and Gene Construction Kit, and like both. 
Although Gene Construction Kit seems to crash inordinately often, it
really has no competition for letting you graphically cut and ligate and
generally construct plasmids.  It will make gels and very nice
illustrations.  It's worth buying.
   MacVector is excellent for getting large sequences from Genbank -- GCK
is very slow with large sequences, like the 152kb HSV-1 genome.  For
comparing sequences, and working with GenBank, MacVector is excellent. 
For cloning plasmids, GCK is excellent.

Josh Goldstein
josh at panda.uchc.edu
5th year MD/PhD student
University of Connecticut Health Center

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