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Chi-kuang Wen ckwen at
Wed Jun 5 11:59:45 EST 1996

Els Van Geldre (Els.VanGeldre at wrote:
: Hi,

: I synthetised cDNA starting from mRNA from plant sources. After addition 
: of Eco RI/Not I adaptors and insertion into lgt 11 phage I only become 
: blue plaques. The problem is probably the addition of the 
: EcoRI/Not I adaptors or the insertion into the lgt 11 phage. However, I 
: strictly followed the instructions of the kit I used (TimeSaver cDNA 
: synthesis kit). Do you have any suggestions to become recombinant plaques 
: ?

: Thanks,
: Els Van Geldre
Hi, Els: 
  Did you size-fractionate the insert/adaptor ligation rxn?  If the adaptor is not removed, it will self-ligates and becomes inserts to generate blue phages.


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