Mutation rate study

Hans Stenoien hans.stenoien at
Wed Jun 5 10:23:13 EST 1996

Hello everybody:

If I was to estimate the mutation rate in a specific DNA fragment in 
an organism, can anybody tell me where I should look for information 
regarding methodology for that kind of study? I have for instance 
briefly heard about the so-called denaturing gel electrophoresis 
system, where I'm told that you can detect single-base mutations in 
identified genes without spending years in the lab. But does this 
method require that you know where in the fragment one should expect 
the mutation to occur? I hope all you geneticists out there excuse my 
lack of knowledge regarding DNA methods, and I would appreciate any 
comments on this subject.

Thanks in advance.

Hans Stenöien
Norwegian University of Technology and Science

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