pCMV-Neo resistance

Bernard Murray bernard at elsie.nci.nih.gov
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>Graham Atherton wrote:
>> Does anyone know the whereabouts, commercial or otherwise, of a plasmid
>> containing G418 - resistance gene driven by the CMV promoter.
>> I have searched all of the catalogues that come to mind with no success!
>> Cheers
>> Graham
>> grggta at picr.cr.man.ac.uk
>try invitrogen prC/CMV or pcDNA3
>more information http://www.invitrogen.com

No, prC/CMV uses the SV40 promoter for the neo gene and the CMV for
whatever is being expressed in the MCS.  I believe that pcDNA3 is
the same.  Other offerings such as pBK-CMV (Stratagene) and pCI-neo
(Promega) have a similar arrangement.
	The neo gene seems pretty efficient so most vectors appear
to use either SV40 or TK promoters.  The same also seems to be true
for hygromycin.  The pPUR vector also has SV40 driving the puromycin
resistance gene.
	The only vector that I am aware of that contains a gene for
selection in mammalian cells that is driven by the CMV promoter is
Invitrogen's pZeoSV which has CMV driving the zeo gene (and SV40
driving anything in the MCS).  I assume that this arrangement is
necessary as the zeo gene encodes a binding protein rather than an
enzyme so the higher expression conferred by the CMV promoter is
	Any chance of switching promoters or resistance genes Graham?


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