PCR getting smear

Paul Brian Scruggs scruggsp at phar2.pharm.sc.edu
Mon Jun 3 13:25:22 EST 1996

Zahra Fayazi <zahra.fayazi at jcu.edu.au> wrote:

>Hello everyone
>In order to amplyfy a 420 bp fragment from mice spleen cells infected 
>with Brucella suis, i applied different procedures, but with all of them 
>I have only got smear instead of band. The procedures which I applied 
>rang from phenol extraction to just lysis of cells and some teatment in 
>order to get inhibitors for PCR. Please if any one can give me advise on 
>how to get ride of this smear and have sharp band, I will be very 
>grateful to hear from.


If all else fails, you can try nested (internal) primers and run a
secondary PCR.

Brian Scruggs

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