Single-stranded DNA stability

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On martes 4 de junio de 1996, Karen Nel wrote...
> Could someone please advise?
> We are using RT-PCR to amplify genes, so we reverse-transcribe mRNA to 
> single-stranded DNA and then use this for PCR.  The success of the PCR 
> reactions is reduced over a period of time and we think this may have to
> with the stability of the single-stranded DNA.  We have tried heating
> sample in case the DNA has stuck to the tubes but this seems to make no 
> difference.  Does anyone have any information or advice on storage of ss
> Thank you in advance
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We have the same feeling. It is like it'd degrade itself somehow. We
started using siliconized tubes and avoid freezing the cDNA pool after
synthesis. We don't have a sound associative evidence for improvements yet
but feel more confident.

Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona

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