DNA Sequencers

Unknown Unknown
Fri Jun 7 09:56:54 EST 1996

In article <31AD920B.10F0 at vims.edu>, Nancy Stokes <stokes at vims.edu> says:
>We are planning on purchasing an automated sequencer and have narrowed 
>our choices down to the ALF Express (Pharmacia) and the 4000LS 
>LongReadIR (LiCor). We would greatly appreciate comments, positive and 
>negative, from anyone who has used either of these.

Our experience, for what it's worth, is that we bought the ALF because of 
it's low price, but rarely get good sequence, unless we use labelled 
primers, and even then it is not consistent. The maintenance costs are 
horrible, and we have had a lot of trouble getting replacement plates and 
the special glass spacers you must have because of the wavelength of the 

People complain a lot about the software, too.


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