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> >Anybody out there know who sells a PC/Windows compatible plasmid
> >construction package?  I can only find MAC versions! Don't need anything
> >too fancy/expensive - just a basic cloning aid that gives publication
> >quality output.
> >Many thanks,
> >Steve
> I currently use PC/GENE (unfriendly, but lots of functionality) under
> DOS and GeneRunner (a little less comprehensive but much more friendly)
> under Windows 3.11 for the digest/cut/paste side of things.  Neither
> will give you publication quality output of plasmid maps but GeneRunner
> gives nice quick'n'dirty diagrams.  For flexible, publication quality
> output I use WinPlas and this imports the genbank files from GeneRunner
> just fine.  I believe that the author of WinPlas intends to increase
> the functionality of the program (which is already pretty good) as far
> as helping with eg. subcloning is concerned.  To get a look at the
> quality of the output from WinPlas take a trip to
> where you can download a demo of v2.5
> The only trouble we have with the program is making it accessible on
> our local network.  This is supposedly a problem with the hardware
> key used for copy protection and Rich Goldstein is working on it.
>         The other options I have heard about are Vector NT (very
> expensive), "Cloning" and "Enhance", none of which I have very much
> experience with.  For nice output (but almost no editing ability)
> you can grab a demo version of Vector NTI from
> I hope that this is of some use to you.
>                 Bernard
> [No commercial affiliation with anyone.  I was/am a de facto beta
> tester for WinPlas]
> Bernard Murray, Ph.D.
> bernard at  (National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda MD, USA)
> "Accept the pain, Frank." -Dr. Forrester. MST3k (The Unearthly)

None of these programs can even _see_ Vector NTI from InforMax, Inc., it
is so far ahead.
It has Internet connectivty built in for transparent database searches and
downloads, it can
design molecules, find primers and do pcr analysis, all based on your
individual preferences.

There is also a shared database version that allows sharing of data across
a network.

Find out what scientists who dont have time for anything but the best are
using.... for screenshots, text and demos.

Yes, I do have a commercial affiliation...but had you rather use junk?

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