DNAase step in differential display PCR

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Sat Jun 8 11:35:35 EST 1996

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>> After isolation of mRNA for differential display PCR, is it necessary to
>> treat the mRNA with DNAase?  I would like to omit extra steps if possible
>> to prevent RNAase contamination.
>If you are using anchored oligo-dTs as 3' primers for DD-PCR, it is not
>necessary to DNAse treat the starting RNA, since the oligo-dT will specify
>amplification of poly-A mRNA only.
>Lou Alarcon
>Dept of Surgery
>U of Pittsburgh

I really wish that this were so, but we saw MANY clones that were likely
from genomic DNA, where the 3' side had a short run (say 5-7) of A's.  We
ALWAYS treat with DNAase now.  Perhaps depends on the source of the RNA? 
Ours was from small numbers of primary lymphoid cells.  Make sure you read
the paper "Differental dismay", it covers a multitude of issues with DDRT.
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