2D nightmare

David C. Logan david.logan at plant-sciences.oxford.ac.uk
Sat Jun 8 07:21:36 EST 1996

Jgluz@ cornell wrote:

>I am trying to run the first dimension of a 2D gel using the Biorad 
>mini gel system. ..(text deleted).. Has anyone ever gotten this thing 
>to work?  All advice, specific and general, is welcome.					

I ran 2Ds with this system about 5 years ago and I remember a similar 
problem. I could not use certain powerpacks because of their inability 
to work at low current. I could not use Pharmacia ones (perhaps the 
500/400 model - looks the same anyway - white with black edges) but had 
to use LKB (now the same company I now) Multidrive packs (big dark blue 
units). I would try to get my hands on one of those LKB packs or use a 
unit from Biorad which they say is up to the job. Good luck.


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