Research Genetics MapPairs PCR primers

john wolff wolffie at
Mon Jun 10 12:29:30 EST 1996

We frequently get "dud" MapPairs primer sets from Research Genetics.

We use a lot of different markers and we spend a lot of time trying to
optimize conditions to coax the "duds" into working, with spotty success.

My question:  is the problem with the RG MapPairs, or am I just too plain
stupid to use them??

When I get a dud, I try varying the Mg++, the annealing temp, and
sometimes try 10% glycerol.  We use an MJ cycler PCT-100 with a 92C
melting temp.  Mostly these are Weissenbach primers, whose conditions may
never have been too carefully optimized to begin with.  Often, I give up.

We surely have NO complaints about RG's service -- they treat us really well!

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