FISH and Banding... What is a good technique (R or G??) ?

Graham Dellaire dellaire at ODYSSEE.NET
Tue Jun 11 07:21:22 EST 1996


I would like to band chromosomes of murine and human fibroblasts.
I am doing one and two color FISH and I would like to see if my signals 
are in early or late replicating bands.  The lab I am in works with
R banding but in peripheral blood lymphocytes.  The R technique we use 
involves BrdU and thymidine block and seems laborious.  Is there other R 
banding techniques that are less laborious, or alternately can I use a 
simple G banding protocol (trypsin?) to obtain the banding for FISH.

Thanks in advance for all suggestions

G. Dellaire
McGill Dept. of Medicine
Div. of Exp. Medicine

dellaire at

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