OLIGO 5.0 distributor in UK?

John Dixon jpcd0 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Tue Jun 11 05:51:24 EST 1996

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BENNETT) wrote:

> In the referenced article, bochmann at urz.tu-dresden.de (Henryk Bochmann)
> >
> >does anybody know a company distributing OLIGO 5.0 (primer selection/
> >calculation software) in Germany?
> >
> Further to this, does anyone know the distributor in the UK, please? And 
> are there any older versions kicking around cheap or free?  I need to 
> compare the Tm calculations done by OLIGO with those done by another 
> primer designer program that we use.
> Thanks,
> Bill Bennett
> Developmental Biology Unit,
> School of Biology and Biochemistry
> University of Bath

Cambio 01223 66500 just sent me a demo version, so try them. I havent
really tested it out yet but it's very pricey - we have oligo 4.0 and they
want 270 pounds for the upgrade.



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