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> I'm beginning a phage display library screening and I have a few
> questions for an expert. I want to pan for a DNA binding protein
> or peptide (fragment of the binding protein) using an immobilized
> DNA fragment.
> 1. Is there an E. coli library available for doing this?

If you are looking at short peptides, then libraries are all synthetic
anyway, so there is no such thing as an E. coli library.

If you are looking at larger peptides (<20aa) then there may be.

> 2. What is the largest size of displayed peptide made?

Large. Entire proteins can be displayed, so certainly 40kDa, and I
think bigger but I can't give you the citation off the top of my head.

> 3. Is there a best vector or kit in your opinion for doing this?

Really depends upon what you are doing. Most vectors are derived from
an original few, so they behave similarly. The choice is a true phage
or a phagemid. Otherwise just a few added bells and whistles for the
most part.

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