PCNA westerns

Brian McCauley mbrian at Hawaii.Edu
Tue Jun 11 15:11:13 EST 1996

Have you done Western blots using an antibody to PCNA (Proliferating
Cell Nuclear Antigen)? Were any special tricks required?

I'm using a commercial antibody which works great for whole-mount
immunofluorescent labeling, but I'm getting a very weak signal on
Western blots using HRP+luminol. My transfers are working well for
most proteins (judging by Ponceau staining the membranes), but I
wonder if PCNA may be hard to transfer to the membrane. Or maybe this
nuclear protein is just too rare, and the blots are not very sensitive
compared to the immunolabeling.

Any ideas on this?

Brian McCauley
mbrian at hawaii.edu

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