TKO Fluorometer

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Tue Jun 11 12:30:12 EST 1996

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> Just one thing I'd like to add:
> We have a TKO fluorometer that's been reliable for years that suddenly
> started acting up: wouldn't stabilize, gave erratic readings, etc.  After
> some messing around, we finally discovered that an adjacent microwave or
> magnetic stirrer (or both) was the culprit.  Apparently the magnetic
> fields generated by either of these instruments when in use was enough to
> screw up the electronics on the fluorometer.  Simply moving the
> fluorometer to another bench by itself cured the problem.

Ours went mysteriously kablooey once.  I got on the phone to Hoeffer and
they asked for the serial number.  As soon as I turned the thing around to
look at the back of the unit, it returned to normal operation and has
worked fine ever since.

Now, about the magnetic stirrer two feet away from it....  ?

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