PCR-What is in my reaction?

Perry J. Bushong pjb6578 at ACS.TAMU.EDU
Tue Jun 11 11:51:51 EST 1996

I'm just trying to figure out what is in my PCR 
reaction.  After amplification, I always find a 
stringy, snotty-looking mess in the bottom of all of 
my tubes.  I put some under the light microscope and 
at 400X it appeared as a thin clear ribon.  It 
doesn't seem to interfere with my reaction, but it 
tends to clog up my pipette tips when I'm loading my 
gels.  My PCR protocol includes: BSA, template, 
primers, MgCl, water, buffer, dNTPs, Taq, and I add 
some Cresol Red dye to for visibility.  I do not use 
any mineral oil because my tubes have caps.  I guess 
the ribbon might be a product of the BSA or the 
Cresol Red. 
Does anyone have any ideas on what this stuff is, or 
how to easily get rid of it?      

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