Rep : Medline and reference manager?

Mr SHIRE David David.SHIRE at
Wed Jun 12 04:26:22 EST 1996

> Hello Netters
> I know this might not be the correct newsgroup, but I do hope that users of this group, also uses Medline.
> I would like to know if there is a way to import references from NCBI medline, taken over the internet, directly into reference Manager for Windows, version 7.0, without having to type it manually.
> Thanks in advance
> Bjorn Voldborg
> Finsen Center
> Section for Radiation Biology
> University Hospital of Copenhaguen
> Denmark
> E-mail: voldborg at
   You have to have the Capture module installed. This will enable you to import references from practically any source, simply by choosing the Database service in the top window after selecting "capture" and referring to the file into which you have collected your data. There's a very long list of Database services and to choose the correct format may require a little trial and error. I can't help you with the particular one you mention, but the format might be NML Medline since this works for Ovid sources such as Medline or Current Contents on CD. Since the Medline sources give full journal names you'll have to use the Capture Definition Editor to allow you to insert the standard journal abbreviations into your Reference Manager files. If you use Reference Update disks you'll find that the the journal names are already abbreviated, which is handy for inserting references into articles.
	Hope this helps,


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