Problems with sequencing gels

Scott K. Boyer skboyer at
Wed Jun 12 10:10:52 EST 1996

Dr. Serth,

I have experienced the same phenomenon when both plates are
siliconized.  The short answer is to only siliconize one plate.  Once
we implemented this procedure in our lab we eliminated the "push-up"

Good luck

Scott K. Boyer, PhD

Juergen Serth <ndxdurjs at> wrote:

>During prerunning, some of our sequencing gels (0.2 mm) are swelling up, 
>thereby pushing out the wells of the gel into the upper chamber. 
>We use the "base - runner" equipment (Europe: Integra Biosciences), both 
>glass plates siliconized with Dichlordimethylsilan in order to facilitate 
>subsequent transfer on filter sheets.
>Any ideas or suggestions would be very appreciated.

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