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Edgar Valencia edgar at
Wed Jun 12 19:51:24 EST 1996

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Hi Guys:
Well, i think im in the club of the bounced mails guys iand i dont want to
I received this, and i have no the address of David K. to ask for help

Could anybody tell me whats going on now?

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====>   READ ME   READ ME   READ ME   READ ME   READ ME   READ ME    <====
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====>  Your message bounced!  Don't you just *hate* it when that     <====
====>  happens?  If you know what you did wrong and know how to fix  <====
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====>       <====
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Hi Martin:
The problem i have now is Im receiving copies (2 to 3) of some messages 
had been sent to this list and i dont know why. And before i had a 
problem with some of my own posts. They appeared in the list, but i also 
got a copy saying my message was rejected. Fortunately, i think that 
problem is past history, but now i have the other...
a weel, i hope David K could hepl us

On 12 Jun 1996, martin LEACH wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm starting to get bounced emails coming to me a day or so after I post
> on this anyone else??
> Martin

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