BRP vector (pSW1 only) sequence or restriction maps.

D. Hodges dh124 at
Wed Jun 12 04:24:46 EST 1996

David B. Knaebel (knaebel at wrote:
: We are trying to find out more about pSW1, a bacteriocin release protein 
: expressing system. Does anyone have or know of a source of restriction 
: and or sequence data? There is very little available via Entrez / GenBank 
: Databases.

: Thanks for any information.

We've tried this system before. Although I don't have any sequence 
information I can tell you that it is produced commercially by Novagen.
The plasmid is a derivative of  pACYC184. You co-transform with your
normal expression vector (pSW1 has tet resistance) and induce the BRP
expression with mitomycin C. You want a different inducer to your desired
protein because you only want low levels of BRP - too much and you kill
your cells rather than just making them leaky. 

Hope this helps

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