corboy at utdallas.edu corboy at utdallas.edu
Thu Jun 13 08:46:44 EST 1996

Edgar Valencia (edgar at cifn.unam.mx) wrote:
> Hi Martin:
> The problem i have now is Im receiving copies (2 to 3) of some messages 
> had been sent to this list and i dont know why. And before i had a 
> problem with some of my own posts. They appeared in the list, but i also 
> got a copy saying my message was rejected. Fortunately, i think that 
> problem is past history, but now i have the other...
> a weel, i hope David K could hepl us
> Edgar

	I am getting both, and not to just this newsgroup but several 
others.  I post a thread or a followup, see it post to the newsgroup, and 
the next day get a "bounced e-mail" message in 3 parts, saying the server 
is no longer able to accept mail.  Doesn't seem to affect my postings, 
but clutters up my mail prog, and dissapoints me when i see i have mail 
but all it is is these returned mail messages :(

mike corboy
university of texas at dallas

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