HA vs myc epitope

Alfredo Lopez De Leon Allopezdeleon at ucdavis.edu
Wed Jun 12 12:15:00 EST 1996

Karen Browning wrote:
> I have heard conflicting reports on
> which is the best to use for western blotting of fusion proteins.  I
> would appreciate some advice from those who have used either of the
> epitopes 

	The first thig I would recomed you to do is to check the background 
level for each antibody in your specific system.  I found that in rice 
homogenates HA has a higher level of background than Myc but there ios 
no way to predict which the result will be unless somebody has done it 
before. Who knows you may get lucky and somebody already knows the 
answer to your question. What system are you working with?


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