sequencing gel won't stick to Whatman paper

(Dave Johnston) daj at
Thu Jun 13 02:16:20 EST 1996

It might be worth prewetting your Whatman paper and then blotting it dry 
with tissue. We routinely did this (b4 ABI) and it worked well. 4 things 
to note: (1) if the gel is too wet or dry it will not stick (2) this method 
"relaxes" the paper so that it will not expand on contact with the gel, 
thus avoiding wrinkles and streched zones (same principle as prestreching 
wallpaper before hanging it) (3) if you can see a water film on top of the 
paper after putting it on the gel, it is too wet so blot off excess with 
tissue (4) gently peel up from a corner.


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