DNA extraction from urine

Dave Neece dneece at students.uiuc.edu
Thu Jun 13 22:41:03 EST 1996

In article <4pqdii$qu1 at styx.uwa.edu.au>, gturbett at eosin.path.uwa.edu.au wrote:

> Does anyone have a good method for extracting DNA from urine sediment?
> The urines collected in our department are collected into a bottle
containing > carbowax (PEG).  Most times, this precipitates down when the
sediment is 
> collected, and forms a large pellet, irrespective of how many cells are
> actually present.  We want to extract DNA from the sloughed-off cells 
> to use in PCR. Does anyone have a reliable method for this?
> Gavin Turbett.

I don't know if this has been published (you might want to try a lit
search), but the following was presented as an abstract at the USDA
Beltsville Symposium XX in May, 1995.  S. Marklund, K. Sandberg, & L.
Andersson (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) presented a method
for verifying urine samples from horses.  Various microsatellite markers
were aplified via PCR from less than 100 microliters of horse urine. 
Apparently there was no DNA isolation involved -- just PCR straight from
horse pee!


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