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: I am constructing a home page to facilitate the efforts of working
: scientists who want to locate tools for common tasks. 

There are a huge number of free- and semi-free tools out there, but a
personal list of the ones you find most useful can help overcome the
info-overload. This may help you get started:

General lists:

* The European Bioinformatics Institute's BioCatalog, "a software
directory of general interest in molecular biology and genetics," can
be found at

* Links to "over 80 sites around the world that archive software and
data for Biologists which you can browse through":

* And, of course, Pedro's Biomolecular Research Tools at These are
mostly (all?) links to on-line resources, rather than programs you
download to use on your PC. This is a June 1995 update: I think Pedro
had to go write his thesis or something.

The Big Biosoftware Archive Sites are at EMBL and Indiana U:

* Indiana University:

* The "Searching for Software and Data" page at lets you search throught
the European Molecular Biology Laboratories (EMBL) software archives.
The links to literature references are "really experimental", but it's
a great idea.

* a gopher front to search both archives, plus a long list of other
servers, is found at gopher://

Selected really cool programs and their homepages:

* Entrez:  from the National
Center for Biotechnology Information <>

* NIH Image home page:

* RasMol (#-D molecular image viewer for Mac, Win, and Unix) :

* PHYLIP home page: Maintained by Joe
Felsenstein of the University of Washington
<joe at>. The page entitled "PHYLOGENY PROGRAMS
<> reviews
a lot of free and commercial programs, and points you to other
collections of phylogenetic programs (these include sequence alignment

* SeqPup sequence analysis package by Don Gilbert:

Database searching:

* the Baylor College of Medicine Search Launcher "is an
on-going project to organize molecular biology-related search and
analysis services available on the WWW by function by providing a
single point-of-entry for related searches "

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