Can I pre-stain Prot markers for W. Blot?

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Thu Jun 13 15:38:22 EST 1996

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>I mistakenly purchased non-stained protein markers from Fisher for use in
>Western blots.  Is there any way I can pre-stain them myself, and still
>get good transfer to a nitrocellulose membrane?

First, if you want replies, you should probably change your e-mail address 
to a valid one.  Second, in your position I wouldn't bother trying to 
pre-stain your markers; transfer to unstained markers and then stain your 
NC with india ink, exactly as described in Harlowe's antibody manual 
(from Cold Spring Harbor Press, I hear a new version is coming out 
soon).  The non-stained markers will almost certainly run more accurately 
and tighter than do the prestained ones, and the time and effort in india 
ink staining are trivial; you can also use much less marker.  

There's really very little advantage to using prestained marker in 
Westerns over the india ink staining.


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