PCR primers and clones for human genes

Amy Voltz avoltz at GDB.ORG
Thu Jun 13 15:09:44 EST 1996

PCR primers and clones for human genes can now be easily found in the
human Genome Database (GDB)!

Access the GDB homepage at http://gdbwww.gdb.org/ and choose "Search by
Gene Name or Symbol". Searches can be done using an entire or partial gene
symbol or name.

Results are presented in tables from which additional searches can be
performed. Initial results include cytogenetic location and other names
(aliases) by which the gene is known. Additional information that can be
retrieved for each gene includes nearby genes and markers, reagents (PCR
primers, clones, ASO's) to assay for the gene, people to contact for those
reagents, citations, polymorphisms, and mutations.

There are also links to external databases for information on homologous
genes in other species, DNA sequences, human disease phenotypes and enzyme
function if applicable.

Please send questions and suggestions about this tool to findgene at gdb.org
Thank you!

Amy K. Voltz, Ph.D.
Research Fellow
Johns Hopkins University, Sch. of Medicine
Division of Biomedical Information Sciences
avoltz at gdb.org       (410) 614-0440

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