GERALDINE KAMINSKI gzk at ollamh.ucd.ie
Thu Jun 13 11:45:55 EST 1996

In article <4pnd6h$c15 at news.bu.edu>, leach at bu.edu (martin LEACH) says:
>I'm starting to get bounced emails coming to me a day or so after I post
>on this board.....is anyone else??
>.....          Martin Leach                Email:leach at bu.edu
>   _|____      Dept. of Pharmacology       Phone: (617) 638-5323
>   / o  /      Boston Univ. School of Med. Fax:   (617) 638-4329
> _/  |-/__==/  80 E. Concord St. (L603)
>(BULLDOZER) \_ Boston MA 02118            "Not the old underpants
>               USA                                on your
>                                             head.....WIBBLE"
>My homepage:
>Biotech company WWW REgistry has moved to: http://www.data-transport.com
>Check out the Biotech Rumor mill:

I got stuff bounced back to me but I'm new at all this e-mail and
thought it was me.

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