sequencing gel won't stick to Whatman paper

Thu Jun 13 10:25:47 EST 1996

On 12 Jun 1996 jlight at SICKKIDS.ON.CA wrote:

> After I run a sequencing gel (using 35S-dATP for labelling) I have a lot of
> problems getting the gel to stick to Whatman paper.  I don't fix the gel
> after the run, because I've found that it's not necessary to get good
> autorads.  Unfortunately, and perhaps because I skip the fixing step, my
> gels don't always stick when I overlay them with Whatman paper (sometimes
> they do, sometimes they don't).  I've tried spraying the gel with water and
> blotting off the excess with Kim wipes prior overlaying with Whatman, which
> helps sometimes, but it's no guarantee.  Sometimes part of the gel sticks
> and part doesn't, so the gel ends up ripping.  Advice from anyone who
> routinely transfers their gels without fixing would be greatly appreciated.
It's all in the wrist =:)

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