Unbreakable bugs!!!

Achim Recktenwald achim at ibex.ca
Fri Jun 14 14:36:15 EST 1996

Philippe Lefebvre wrote:
> Hi everybody
> We have a strange problem here: for two weeks, we have been unable to obtain a good
> and efficient lysis of E. coli strains (for protein extraction purposes).  We are
> usin Tris Glucose buffer, to which we are adding lysozyme.  Lysis occurs within
> minutes, usually... We have tried new lyzozyme, pure water, freshly transformed
> bugs, checked pH...  still no lysis.  Does anyone ever encountered such a problem?
> Thanks for your help
> Dr Phil Good

You are sure it's (still) E. coli. Are you perhaps growing some univited guests since two 
weeks ?


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